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"I’m not sure how many new Christmas songs can sit alongside the classics and hold their own, but this one can."
Tara Slone
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"...this is the Canada that I recognize and remember."
Andray Domise - Columnist

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"This is such a beautiful song, celebrating what makes us unique and what brings us together."
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"...a beautiful new Canadian Christmas anthem."
Laila Biali
Juno Award Winning Vocalist
SOCAN Award Winning Songwriter

Snow capped roof tops paint a hushed tableau.
Silhouetted branches frame twilight’s glow.
Gath’ring clouds sculpt rays from a scarlet sun.
December’s dawn greets everyone.

Yuletide colours so ornate, so bright.
Tinselled trees adorned with festive light.
from Haida Gwaii to Labrador
Merry holidays are here once more.

The snowflakes fall, the snowflakes rise,
tracing icy breezes through the skies.
Carolers sing along with town brass bands.
Decked halls and storefronts across the lands.

Yuletide colours so ornate, so bright.
Tinselled trees adorned with festive light.
From Newfoundland west through Whitehorse,
Seasons greetings to us all once more.

Passing through my hometown streets,
I contemplate the bittersweet-
-ness of these few short weeks of cheer,
in a time so often wrought with fear.

Despair returns when once again
our world’s distress consumes my thoughts, but then...

I smile as I begin to see,
these hometown streets reveal to me
the thriving peace that’s here to find
in this nation cast from all humankind.

All Earth’s creeds and cultures, in plain sight,
now adorned with kindled hope so bright.
From mountains’ peaks, to prairies’ plains,
from big city blocks, to small town lanes,
from arctic isles to the Great Lakes’ shores,
Christmas time in Canada is here once more.

Un Noël Canadien

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Generous Funding & Support for this Project from:

A Canadian Christmas

Joanna Majoko - lead vocals, background vocals
Stu Harrison - piano
Suresh Singaratnam - trumpet, french horn, background vocals

Music by Suresh Singaratnam (ASCAP)
English Lyrics by Suresh Singaratnam (ASCAP)
French Lyrics by Anna Settembre

Produced by Suresh Singaratnam & Marc Koecher

Executive Producers:
Rob Krizmanich & Jesse Lewis

Vocals & piano recorded at MKSoundworks in Toronto, ON
Brass recorded at Whelan's Gate in Toronto, ON

Marc Koecher - Recording Engineer

Mastered by The Vault Mastering (Nathan James - Mastering engineer)

Copyright 2017 © Suresong Music Inc., All Rights Reserved

Our eternal gratitude to Marc Koecher, Anna Settembre, Rob & Michelle Krizmanich, Jesse & Sara Lewis, Christie, Dan, Charlie, Jade, Daisy Press, Doug Wamble, Mark Ruhnke & St. Andrews United Church Choir, Angela Maccaroni, Zoe, Karly, Angelica, Angelina, Katharine, Brooke, Rielly, Hanna, Ishika, Martene, Tiana, Kathyn, Victoria, Alexis, Mary, Karylle, Abby, Marina, Adrianna, Alexandra, Rachel, Olivia, Anysa, Emma, Carolina, Mackenzie, Mackenzie, Lillian, Natasha, Leonor, Jillian, Andrew, Jasper, Owen, Nathaniel, Gregory, Wesley, Kieran, Connor, Rob, Michael, Hilary Welch, the London Jazz Orchestra, Anthony Thompson, Tim Crouch, Liz Eccleston, Kevin Harris, Jon Wang, Seema Rizvi, Dawna Rae Hicks, all of the incredibly generous people (and cat!) who volunteered their time for the music video (who we will never forget, but won't list here, for the sake of your privacy), Dianne Winmill, Katie Norman, Carli Sussman, Sarah Martin, Miriam Schachter, Rachel D'Oliveira, and all of the incredibly helpful staff at the McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Alex Hartstone, Michael Brown, Lydia Persaud, Nana aba Duncan, Valentino Assenza, Fabian Almazan, Linda May Han Oh, Lee Pearson, Janna Baty, Lisa Conlon, Stephanie Brown, David Doharris, and Hanah Amin.


Joanna Majoko

Stu Harrison

Suresh Singaratnam

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